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Welcome to my increasingly adequate website. I used to greet site visitors with this: "You won't find much here yet, and maybe you never will." By now it's a safe bet that you'll never find anything particularly important here.

Still, it's nice to have a bit of cyberspace to call one's own. I'm using this space to say a little bit about computers, computer games, politics, and a few other things I'm interested in. You'll notice that this site has an archaic appearance. This is intentional. The old-fashioned style works well even in ancient browsers, looks adequate, and is easy for me to author. The style is also an homage to the old days of the web, when each person had complete control over what they could put online and how it was ordered and displayed. Now, so many webpages are made when some corporate database spews out a few fields onto a cookie-cutter webpage (e.g., Facebook).

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